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Vitamin U is listed in the Merck Index as methylmetioninesulfonium chloride, a therapeutic agent for the treatment of gastric disorders. It was originally called vitamin U because of its usefulness against ulceration of the digestive system. stimulates the formation of various categories of RNA and causes a quantitative increase in the RNA temperature function.

S-methyl methionine was found to increase activity of Saddens, selectively methylating the released homocysteine. This decrease the inhibition of S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine and stimulated methylation process.

The traditional use of raw cabbage juice as the treatment of choice for peptic ulcers would seem to support the use of vitamin U supplements as a healing aid for damaged and eroded intestinal mucous, and this has been extensively confirmed by scientific research.

Anti-Ulkus Factor MMSC – 2DH Sublingual Preparations

The Merck Index:

An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, And Biologicals.

Vitamin U (S)-(3-Amino-3Carboxypropyl)-Dimethyl Sulfonium Chloride; methylmetioninesulfonium chloride. MMSC;Cabagin-U: Epadyn-U. C6H14-ClNO3S; mol wt 199.70 C 36.09%, Cl 17.75%, N 7.01%, O 16.02%, S 16.06%. The anti-ulcer vitamin reported in cabbage leaves and other green vegetables; G. Cheney, California Med. 77, 248 (1952). Activity: V. Z. Szabo, G. Vargho, Arsheimissel Forsch. 10, 23 (1960) K. Seri, et al., ibid 29, 1517 (1979). Prepn: Y. Kanai, Y. Kawamura, Japan, pal 4757 (62) (to Nippon Kayaku) C.A. 58, 12672e (1963); H Wagner, Ger. Pat 1,239,697 (1967 to Degussa) C.A. 67 73866c (1967) Needles, mp 134 (dec) LD50 in mice: 2760 mg/kg, I. V. Zaikonnikova, L.G Urazaeva, C.A. 80 10388y (1974).

Bromide analog C6H14 BrNO3S, methylmethioninesulfonium bromide

Therap. Cat: Treatment of Gastric Disorders.

In the United States, almost 50% of the population has heartburn at least once a month; 7% have it daily.

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Stanford School of Medicine

(Vitamin-U may prevent acetaminophen related liver damage).

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