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Published On: Wed, Sep 25th, 2013

Counteract the Law of Aging-Three Easy Steps

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gettingoldCounteract the Law of Aging

Three Easy Steps

by Angelo Druda

According to Chinese Medicine, the law of aging is expressed as: “The yang consumes the yin”. 

In other words, over time, the fire of ongoing life activity consumes the deeper, moist yin essences of the body, resulting in an acceleration of the aging process. Like an automobile, the human body requires an energetic spark to do its work and coolant to protect the machinery from the excessive effects of heat and fire. In the human body, the yin essences cool and hydrate the machinery. In addition to their cooling function, they are constantly being converted and transformed by the spark of light energy into regenerative hormonal flows which are the very messages of life. 

Unfortunately, the concept of yin deficiency is unknown or poorly understood in the modern world. It can be a difficult idea for people to understand.

The deep, living water of the body must be maintained and rejuvenated along with the energetic fire. The Yin Water moistens the body, nourishes the blood, supports a calm and harmonious nervous system, and ensures that the raw material for regenerative hormonal flows are sufficient for health and well-being.  It is in the essential calm of the body’s living water where energy and balance are made.

One of the golden rules of rejuvenation is to not let the yin essence levels get too low. The modern, active, stressed filled life, surrounded by carbon based industrial toxicity and unprecedented levels of radioactivity, increases the rate of yin depletion. Overheating, inflammation, sleep and nervous system disorders, and blood sugar issues, are just a few of the imbalances that may be traced to early yin essence deficiency.  In some modern Chinese medical schools, conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis are now seen as significantly progressed yin essence deficiency patterns.  Extreme yin deficiency results in a whole cascade of degenerative processes, many of which could be prevented. 

This law of aging can be readily seen in women who are entering into menopause. Hot flushes is the most commonly reported symptom of this hormonal transition. Menopausal heat is caused by a deficiency in the yin essences which are no longer abundant enough to control and balance the fire. When the yin essence levels are replenished, however, the hot flushes quickly disappear


Three Ways to Nourish Yin

1.Take a Nap

Sleep is a pure yin tonic. The whole yang machinery of the body slows and cools as deep yin essences in the kidneys and heart begin to magnify. Recent research demonstrates that indulging this yin process right in the middle of an active yang work day produced a dramatic reduction in heart disease. Twenty four thousand participants at The University of Athens showed a 37% reduction in heart disease with those who napped for 30 minutes or more in the middle of the day. When working men stopped, rested, and took a nap right in the middle of their work day, they showed a 72% reduction in heart disease.  So stop, relax, go to sleep for a time, and let those yin essences regenerate. 

2. Drink a Green Smoothie Everyday

Load up your blender with lots of raw greens, fruits and plenty of water and drink it every day. The green smoothie reduces inflammation, hydrates the body, nourishes and purifies the blood, and protects the deeper basal essences. The green smoothie is a simple but powerful yin nourishing health practice. 

3.  Replenish the Essence

It is important to eat foods that nurture the essences of the body. Millet, barley, black beans, mung beans, sprouts, melons (particularly watermelon), blueberries, seaweeds, spirulina and chlorella are suitable foods for almost anyone and they do help to protect the deeper essences.  

The most powerful yin tonics are so rich they are best taken in well balanced herbal formulas.

Ancient Chinese doctors discovered the very same molecular yin essences in certain very rich plants, and these herbal medicines have been used now for hundreds of years to good effect. The following herbs can be safely used to raise and protect the yin essence: rehmannia, cornus, lycium, scrophularia, marshmallow, solomon seal, eclipta and ligustrum.  Rehmannia Six is a classic yin tonic in oriental medicine. The yin rich rehmannia is combined with ingredients that help the body to receive and metabolize the essence.  Traditional Botanical Medicine’s Great Essence Formula is based on traditional wisdom for strongly nourishing the deep yin essences of the human body. 


When we nourish the deep essences of the body, we are in effect counteracting the law of aging.




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