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Time to Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands- Literally!

dead flowerTime to Take Your Health

Into Your Own Hands- Literally!

By Linda Roxanne Bryer

This is a wonderful time of the year for health: Nearly all of the Traditional mediaalong with innumerable online outlets and a wide variety of Social Media sites, unite in creating a clear message reminding us that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Thanks to the high integrity of educational health publications, such as the beautiful & informative Nutricula Magazinealong with online websites, newsletters, blogs and forums, all of the Social Media, as well as women’s health organizations, print magazines, newspapers & newsletters-take the time to remind us to not only be more aware, but to also TAKE ACTION.(NOTE: Personally, I’d like to change that moniker to Breast HEALTH Month. )

ALL YEAR ROUND: Just because the media places its focus on Breast Health in October, we all should know that breast health is a year-round health concern to which we should be paying attention. We’re so fortunate these days; even mainstream media supports being proactive in monitoring breast health, and this spotlight on how to do so is a great reminder for all: Women, and men, of all ages, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, nieces, granddaughters, cousins, friends, neighbors, ALL should be reminded of the fact that WE are the ones to take care of our own health in this way. Now, it has (at long last), become common knowledge that women need to perform Breast Self Exams every month.

Be Aware
Breast Self-Exams (BSE) are a Monthly Must

Breast Health begins with a “baseline” Breast Self Exam
Common sense dictates: Knowledge of your own body is your key to good health. If you don’t know what you normally feel like, you won’t be able to recognize signs of illness or infection. It’s also a known fact: Early Detection is the Best Protection.

Breast self-exams help us all–both women and men–to feel more comfortable with our bodies and gives us a baseline of how we look and feel when we are in a state of health. Self-exams also allow us to take action in protecting ourselves, since with regular self-exams, we are more knowledgeable about our bodies than the health practitioners who examine us only once a year.

Many women do not perform BSE for fear of finding “something.” But even if you find something, statistically, 8 out of 10 times, it is nothing to be alarmed about. Since breast cancers found early and treated promptly are almost always cured, learning how to examine your breasts properly can help save your life.

To ensure for the highest level of health care, BSE should be done in conjunction with annual exams by a health care practitioner.

Every woman (starting at the tender age of 20), should begin conducting breast self-exams. BSEs should be performed once a month, immediately following the menstrual period, when breasts aren’t tender or swollen. For women who are not always regular, it is suggested that they perform it on the same day every month.

NOTE: Do NOT be concerned if you IF you happen to feel some lumps or hardness; that is totally natural. It is also normal if breasts are not exactly the same size.

Lending A Helping “Hand”
Aware™ Pad Breast Self Exam Kit

The Aware™ Pad is a unique aid to breast self exam; it has been cleared by the FDA and is both safe and easy to use. Conveniently, it is available in the Aware™ Breast Self Examination Kit. This kit contains the Aware™ self-examination pad, an instructional DVD, along with educational materials that together provide the confidence and ease in which to do a monthly at home breast self-examination.

With easy-to-follow instructions included, the Aware pad increases your sense of touch; it is very much like using soap and water, but you do not need to be in the shower. This unique pad works by reducing the friction between your fingers and breast, making your fingers a highly sensitive instrument. The Pad consists of two plastic sheets with liquid sealed in between, and works in the same manner as soap and water, clings lightly to your skin, and when you place your fingers on the Aware™ Pad and press firmly, they will glide smoothly across your breast. Every time.

The Aware pad also serves as a great reminder to conduct BSE each month; no more excuses for NOT taking the 10 minutes needed to conduct a BSE each month. For more information about the AwareTMPad, visit

Be Educated
Science Tells The Story: Avé Ultra

We are fortunate there is a growing body of good health news regarding a variety of ways to help us create strong support for our immune system. In addition to eating the right foods and getting adequate sleep and exercise, more and more vital information about specialty nutrients, both natural and organic products, is available that contributes on a variety of levels to help us maintain a balanced, healthy, fully- functioning immune system.

One natural substance, a fermented wheat germ extract, is a nutriment called Avemar, originally from Hungary. Avemar offers scientific proof of its ability to assist us in maintaining immune system health. Because more than 30 published studies show its promising results, it is of paramount importance that we be reminded of its great health benefits. (Now, the New York-based nutritional company, who won the prestigious NutrAward for Best New Product when they first brought it to the US from Hungary years ago, has made this product even better. American BioSciences has created Avé Ultra, a more concentrated and pure form of the proven safe and efficacious Avemar compound. In this improved version, the amount of the active avemar compound is much higher, and only stevia is used (both maltodextrin and crystalline fructose are out)). Powerful.

Published Studies Offer Proof Positive:

This good health news about Avemar is that it can help brighten the outlook for so many women who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer, and for those women whose family history has them concerned. More than 100 studies have been conducted with fermented wheat germ extract (known as Avé ULTRA) in cell lines, animals, and human clinical trials by leading cancer researchers in the United States and around the world. The results are described in over 30 articles published in peer-reviewed medical journals, all of which are available through the National Library of Medicine or the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Avemar was discovered by a Nobel-Prize winning researcher; it is completely natural, has no side effects, and has been shown to even lessen the common side effects that usually accompany cancer treatments. One of the six ways that avemar works is that it creates apoptosis, or cancer cell death, starving those cells by shutting off their food supply: glucose.

Specifically regarding breast health, recent studies reveal the good news about Avemar/Ave Ultra and its unique fermented wheat germ extract:

  • Avemar inhibited the growth of HCC-38 triple negative breast cancer cells;
  • Avemar inhibited the growth of breast cancer tumors better than tamoxifen (the world’s best-selling breast cancer drug);
  • Avemar worked better than either of two other commonly used breast cancer drugs: exemestane (Aromasin) or anastrozole (Arimidex);
  • The addition of Avemar to the drugs increased their ability to slow or stop tumor growth by an additional five to 10 percent in one of the two estrogen-sensitive tumor types.

Further good news includes more studies which documented that women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer experienced the elimination of and improvement of the drugs’ side effects when taking fermented wheat germ extract. These studies showed that these woman experienced less nausea, had fewer bouts of vomiting, presented less fatigue, less constipation, less insomnia, and even improved emotional function and much-needed weight gain. More information specifically about Ave’Ultra can be found at The full text of most studies can be found at the website,, and via the websites of the National Library of Medicine,, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology,, using the search term Avemar and “fermented wheat germ.”

Background and Studies on Avemar

Avemar is the trade name for an ingredient made by the fermentation of wheat germ by baker’s yeast through a patented process.  Its development was initiated by Nobel Prize winning scientist, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, and was completed over a period of more than 20 years by a team of top scientists.  Avemar has been the subject of close to 100 studies in cell lines, animal, and human subjects, resulting in more than 20 publications in peer-reviewed medical journals, such as British Journal of Cancer, Pancreas, The International Journal of Oncology, Journal of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Carcinogenesis, Journal of Biological Chemistry, Lupus, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, Nature Biotechnology, and others. (Search with the search term Avemar and/or “fermented wheat germ” ).

Although it is not an anti-cancer drug, Avemar’s most dramatic results have been found in studies on various types of cancer.  It “works” via several mechanisms, the most interesting of which is to selectively inhibit non-oxidative glucose metabolism in cancer cells without affecting normal glucose metabolism.  In Hungary, where it is manufactured, Avemar is approved as a “medical food for cancer”, so in addition to results from clinical trials, there are case histories and reports from physicians describing Avemar’s effect and safety in the “real world” clinical experience.

Ave’Ultra contains a standardized, fermented wheat germ extract (FWGE) manufactured by American BioSciences under a patent license, and the direct supervision of biochemist, Dr. Mate Hidvegi. There are more than 30 articles in peer-reviewed medical journals describing research with fermented wheat germ which utilizes Dr. Hidvegi’s technology.


Two studies in particular show how Avemar, used either by itself or in conjunction with breast cancer drugs, helps these women…

Tompa A, Kocsis Zs, Marcsek Z, Jakab M, Szende B & Hidvégi M: Chemoprevention with Tamoxifen and Avemar® by Inducing Apoptosis on MCF-7 (ER+) Breast Cancer Cells, Proceedings of the 2nd Congress of the World Society for Breast Health, Budapest, June 24-28, 2004.

 Marcsek Z, Kocsis Z, Jakab M, Szende B, Tompa A.: The efficacy of tamoxifen in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer cells is enhanced by a medical nutriment, Cancer Biother Radiopharm 2004 Dec;19(6):746-53.

In addition, two earlier studies offer further proof:

* Paksy A: Effect of continued AVEMAR® treatment on the quality of life in breast cancer patients. Statistical analysis. Budapest, 2002.

* Hoffmann A: The role of Avemar in the supportive therapy of cancer patients. Breast Cancer. The 44th Education Session of the Northeastern Branch of the Hungarian Cancer Society. Miskolc, Hungary, 19 April, 2002.

Linda ROXANNE BryerAbout the Author…Linda Roxanne Bryer, a 22-year veteran in the natural health industry, is an award-winning writer and president of Santa Cruz, California-based Bryer Advertising & Public Relations, a boutique agency responsible for the successful launch of numerous innovative natural products. She specializes in working with “Clients With Science TM“. Ms. Bryer has extensive experience in writing a wide variety of original collateral material for both online and offline publication, and in every segment of the market. The results for her clients include industry recognition and numerous awards. Contact Linda Roxanne at 831-479-8725 and



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