Published On: Mon, Mar 25th, 2013

The Vicious Estrogenic Cycle

MenstruationThe Vicious Estrogenic Cycle

-by Al Plechner, DVM

There is a beginning realization by the medical world that elevated total estrogen may be the cause of many catastrophic diseases seen in both humans and animals.

Inflammation seems to be one of the main topics for concern by various medical professions.

The medical profession is becoming concerned that Alzheimer’s disease, coronary occlusion and strokes may be caused by inflammation.

Did you realize that elevated total estrogen causes inflammation of all the cells in the body that line the arteries? These cells are called endothelial cells, and from a clinical aspect, the inflammation that affects these cells can cause the disease-created problems in the body that relate to elevated total estrogen.

Why do women who are still menstruating usually appear to present no symptoms until they have their period and their ovarian estrogen, (in addition to their other “body” estrogen), causes inflammation of their cerebral arteries, which in turn, causes migraine headaches and even occasional epileptic seizures?

When women begin menopause they are told that their estradiol production from their ovaries has decreased. They are normally given an estrogen supplement…from this, two (2) things usually occur:

1. they may feel better

2. they may develop cancer

This all truly depends on the level of their total estrogen.

Do you also realize that total estrogen is not being routinely tested in females (nor in males), whether they be humans or animals?!

FACT: Women are tested only for ovarian hormones and men are tested only for estradiol.

Why do we not realize that a tremendous amount of estrogen is being produced from the inner layer adrenal cortex which is not being included in the routine estrogen surveys?!

This is why allergies, autoimmune diseases and cancer are all on the rise. Both people and animals are being treated only when they present “overt” symptoms…neither are being treated for the [frequently covert] causes.

This is why measuring total estrogen is so important.

If you or your pet are estrogen dominant and are given an estrogen supplement, are eating natural foods that contain phytoestrogens, or are being exposed to estrogen mimickers called xenoestrogens, the health of both you and your pet may be considerably compromised. (For further information please go to where you can view this entire article.)

Also realize that elevated total estrogen will bind thyroid hormone and cause weight gain…this along with fat storage will now occur to a greater degree. This elevated estrogen, that binds the thyroid receptor sites, also reduces the metabolism of the liver and the kidneys. This, in turn, allows for less liver breakdown of total estrogen and also reduces the breakdown excretion of the total estrogen by the kidneys. This is just another way the “Vicious Estrogen Cycle” protects itself.

As weight gain and fat storage increase, so will the activity of an enzyme in the fatty tissue called Aromatase. When Aromatase activity increases, this will increase the total estrogen as [male] testosterone and [female] androgen will be converted into even more estrogen. “Aromatization allows this vicious estrogenic cycle to continue, and in turn, may also continue to increase the risks of allergies, autoimmune disease and cancer.

Please go to my website and read about Plechner’s Syndrome…this may help to answer many questions about this vicious estrogen cycle and how to possibly overcome it.



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