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The Health of Your Pet’s Mind, Body and Spirit is Influenced By Nutrition

rawpetfoodThe Health of Your Pet’s Mind, Body and Spirit is Influenced By Nutrition

by J. Daryll Chester

It seems like everyone is talking about whole food diets for pets these days, from TV Shows, to celebrities, holistic veterinarians, groomers, trainers, dog walkers and blogs all over the Internet. Fresh whole food delivery services and home cooking seminars seem to be more mainstream than they were just four years ago. Our thirst for learning how to keep our family pets healthy and happy is very important to us. With so many of us cutting fast food and other processed food out of our diets, many have done the same for their pets.

There are a growing number of blogs, social media discussion groups, articles and studies dedicated to the benefits of feeding a well- balanced, whole food diet to our pets. In this article, I’d like to take the opportunity to share with you some of my personal favorite reasons for using whole food ingredients in creating a healthy diet for our pets.

The health of your pet’s mind, body and spirit is influenced by our wellbeing, the pet’s environment (including hygiene and nutrition), and genetics. I believe the five most important factors a pet parent should provide to achieve maximum quality and longevity of life for their pet companions are:

  • Species specific nutrition
  • love
  • abundant exercise
  • safety
  • training

Therapeutic Bio-Nutrition or Nutraceutical Therapy has been a proven science and has been practiced since the 1940’s. They are broadly defined as the use of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, co-factors, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and phytonutrients, to support the body’s immune and healing systems, thereby altering the course and outcome of a disease process. It can be used as a preventative, or can be used as a therapy. It does not focus on food types, calories, nor minimum daily requirements, but rather on the metabolic and physiological effects of foods on the body’s healing and immune systems.

Unlike drugs, nutritional products are not designed to address symptoms or diseases; they are designed to “feed” and “fuel” the cells of the body, using or calling upon the cells’ inherent ability to heal and achieve wellness.

The goals of Pet Nutrition Systems fall within three broad categories which directly help to enhance wellness of your client’s pet.

  • Supply needed bio-nutrients to engage & support the genetic systems
  • Management of energy and body weight
  • Elimination of toxins

Pet Nutrition Systems has affirmed that optimum nutrition helps slow the onset and progression of chronic disease because it restores balance and promotes healing by supporting the metabolic pathways that energize the healing system. In addition, it helps reduce the inflammation that predisposes an animal to disease. Its use, either alone or in combination with appropriate medication, contributes to the day-to-day wellness of the animals. Certain nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein and taurine act as antioxidants and help reduce damage to the cells of the immune system, improving function. Thus, nutrition plays a role in disease prevention, disease management, and maintaining optimum health.

A diet high in processed foods can affect your pet’s energy, weight, mental stability, immune system, organ health and overall health. Modern staples like refined grains, poor quality meat, vegetables, and grains provide minimal nutrition and a lot of calories per serving.

The American Holistic Veterinarian Medical Association, among other health organizations, recommends switching to a less-processed, whole meat and plant-based diet to one that emphasizes organic vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, herbs and oils.

A diet that emphasizes whole free range meat, non-GMO fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and uses little or no processing is the best way to feed your pet companion. Processed foods usually come in boxes, bags, cans and frozen “sausage-like” rolls with lengthy ingredient lists. If you cannot easily recognize or identify items on the label as a natural whole food- don’t buy it! Avoiding processed foods also means limiting processed treats.


Create two to three feeding times a day for better nutrition intake and keep hunger under control. Serve no more than one healthy snack a day. Every time you feed your pet include a source of protein that is close to the meat source from their ancestral region, plus a balance of fresh fruit and/or vegetables to meet the daily nutrient need, and a whole grain for fiber. Be sure to provide plenty of filtered drinking water.


Fresh nutrient rich foods help your pet recover body tissues, organs and maintain good cellular growth through nutrition that your pet’s body can digest, process, absorb and use. This is the best way to empower your pet. Below you will find the essential elements to a healthy holistic diet.

FORMHow our pet’s food is made is equally as important as is the quality of ingredients used. The trend in modern RAW frozen pet food manufacturing is to have machines process water, meat and vegetables into a slurry that is forced into hotdog and sausage casings or formed into tubes to be cut into round medallions. This is not the best way to assure the bioavailability of our pet’s meals. Each ingredient should be prepared independently and properly to provide the maximum bioavailability and optimum absorption of all nutrients in each formulation.

BALANCENo one nutrient can work by itself. It needs a least one other nutrient to help it perform its task. With too much of a complementing nutrient, it may cancel its effect, with too little, it may not be enough to make it work. Our dogs need a minimum of 60% meat protein and Felines need at least 82% meat protein. When either the protein levels or the nutrient levels are out of balance, there needs to be some form of supplementation. Over 95% of all frozen, raw, canned and bagged pet foods do not achieve proper nutrient balance.

POTENCYThe most respected veterinary nutritionists agree that the nutrient levels of each formulation must provide the maximum level of all the essential nutrients required by your pet’s body. (Not formulated to a minimum requirement standard)

FRESHNESSOnce food is prepared it starts losing its potency, available nutrients and freshness. There are three ways food starts to deteriorate ; Heat, light and air. Select food that is prepared and packaged to protect itself from heat, light and air and is properly stored.


If you are cutting out processed foods from your pet’s life to help with achieving and maintaining optimum health or the recovery from an illness or disease, this is a great first step. Then consider creating a complete pet health plan that includes an exercise program and a grooming schedule. After this, you may want to choose a goodinsurance policy and join a dog club like those on to support your community.

If you are thinking about seeing how a whole food diet can affect your pet’s healthconsider taking the “Pet Nutrition Challenge.”


Pet Nutrition Systems’ twelve-week nutrition challenge was carefully developed to introduce the elements of holistic pet nutrition utilizing whole food diets that support family farming and green living all while creating a healthy pet companion. The basic principles of veterinary biology and the science of nutrition are combined with expert culinary arts skills to bring you the best pet companion diet service available. The Pet Nutrition SystemsChallenge is designed to transform your pet’s health and wellness step-by-step. In following the program as it is written you will keep detailed notes about the changes in your pet’s outward appearance, energy, behavior and your experience during the whole process.

Contact: or call 570.266.1224 for a P.N.S. Challenge Enrollment Form and to schedule a Free Nutrition Consultation



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