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Rejuvabolic Science

face1Rejuvabolic Science

A Revolutionary Concept Improves

Immune Health for All

by Rafael Avila (Manager of Research and Development Natural Organics Inc.)

Researchers have known for many years that the health of the immune system depends heavily on one’s antioxidant status, as well as on one’s inflammatory response. Unfortunately, this knowledge is lost on most consumers.  We rarely consider the role of antioxidants and the impact of free radicals on our immune response. But researchers know that every time our immune system is challenged, our tissues are bombarded with free radicals, not only from the invading pathogen, but also by our own immune defense cells. The cellular work of immunological battle is extremely energy intensive. Whenever our cells or tissues perform energy-dependent functions, they naturally produce free radicals; the more energy they use, the more free radicals they produce. To make matters worse, a number of our immune cells intentionally generate free radicals as a means of chemical warfare to kill invading bacteria. Without an effective means of removing free radicals, our immune defenses will falter.

Dealing with inflammation is equally as important to the health of our immune systems. We typically think of inflammation as an overt swelling or soreness that is painful or at least uncomfortable. But immunologists and health experts know that inflammation is far more subtle and pervasive. Unnoticeable inflammatory processes affect every system and every tissue of the human body, especially the immune system. Keep in mind, our immune systems intentionally generate inflammation in order to constrain the motility of pathogens within our tissues. As with any system, proper control yields good immunological health. But poor inflammation control results in long-term damage, discomfort, and ultimately tissue failure.

Rejuvabolic science shows us how to improve the health of any system of the body, including the immune system, by addressing the specific free radicals and inflammatory molecules that affect that system. It is based on a revolutionary new understanding of both antioxidants and inflammation.

Most of us consider one free radical to be essentially the same as any other. Likewise, we consider all antioxidants to be the same. Indeed, we may ascribe ORAC units of activity to indicate that one antioxidant may have a higher potency than another, but we consider two antioxidants of the same ORAC value to be essentially the same.

In reality, there are five different major classes of damaging free radicals: Peroxyl, Hydroxyl, Peroxynitrite, Superoxide Anion and Singlet Oxygen free radicals. Each major class encompasses an enormous variety of individual free radical molecules. And each major class preferentially attacks a different set of tissues, cells and even microscopic structures within cells. To combat this variety of free radicals, there are five major classes of whole food antioxidant activities. These antioxidant classes are ORAC, HORAC, NORAC, SORAC and SOAC. The term “Total ORAC” is the sum of all five classes of antioxidant activity. 

AgeLoss is the world’s only line of supplements to employ the revolutionary Rejuvabolic technology of customizing antioxidant activity to combat the most prevalent or problematic free radicals within a given tissue. In addition, AgeLoss is the only line of natural supplements to properly address inflammation control. As with the common poor understanding of antioxidants, most supplement brands don’t quite grasp inflammation, much less address it.

Scientists have found eight major classes of inflammatory molecules, each of which influences the health of a wide range of tissues. The new field of nutritional inflammation control has quietly become a revolution in nutrition science, as researchers have already found hundreds of ways that nutrients can help the body to bring these inflammatory systems and their molecules under control. AgeLoss includes key nutrients that have been shown to help the body control each of the major classes of inflammatory molecules in specific tissues of the body. With AgeLoss and its targeted antioxidants and inflammation control nutrients, everyone now has the power to improve their immune response.

AgeLoss First Day is a powerful, inflammation control-supporting supplement that promotes immune wellness throughout the body.

AgeLoss Men’s Multi-Vitamin and AgeLoss Women’s Multi-Vitamin provide comprehensive nutritional support, while delivering strong antioxidant and inflammation control support nutrients.

Beyond these foundation formulas, the AgeLoss line offers a range of formulas that can improve antioxidant activity, inflammation-control and immune health in a host of specific tissues and systems.





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