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The principles of The “Organic E.V.E.” System are based on the concepts of cultivating vegetables whose roots are not introduced in a substratum or soil, but in enclosed chambers constantly exposed to flowing plant nutrition. 

This is an exciting and dynamic time for the organic industry. It is the perfect time to take advantage of new innovative technologies and renewable energy, or advanced energy as some professionals call it. Our proprietary technology and system components which will be integrated into our indoor Organic EVE design are evolving at an amazing rate. Our systems harness the power of photosynthesis and the ingenuity of man. Our system design and business model requires only minimal inputs for production and distribution.

The “Organic E.V.E.” System is constructed in a way that not only completely modernizes the bio-shelter design but also allows for easy access to any of its component parts at any time.

The plant chamber “planting-tubes” or “growth chambers” are mounted using the “rain forest configuration”. The “Organic E.V.E.” System follows the non-stop production cycle analogue of aeroponics, the principles of The “Organic E.V.E.” System are based on the concepts of cultivating vegetables whose roots are not introduced in a substratum or soil, but in enclosed chambers constantly exposed to flowing plant nutrition. This enclosed ecosystem allows The “Organic E.V.E.” System to function in a completely consumer-efficient and environment/health-friendly manner. Plant nutrition is delivered as nutrients are sprayed through the growth chambers

Health issues are extremely important, especially today, in the agricultural/food industry, and are becoming more so every day. With the increasing advent of diseases due to the contamination of foods, the use, (and overuse), of various powerful and toxic pesticides and organic solvents, the run-off and seepage of bio-pathogens, hormones, (i.e., estrogens), xenoestrogens, antibiotics, and xenobiotics into water supplies, food and traditional land cultivation farms, The “Organic E.V.E.” System provides cultivars which would be completely free of these disease-producing factors and would significantly lower the exposure to and the amount of, these toxic products, bi-products, metabolites and pathogens that would enter, infiltrate and poison our bodies. Thus a system of this nature, which is highly protective and well controlled, yet still provides optimal nourishment to the health-conscious consumer, is extremely valuable for overall health. Given the state of affairs of typical store bought foods and their known contaminants, this is an extremely important factor for all consumers, but is especially imperative for both men and woman with health challenges, such as estrogen positive, (estrogen-driven), breast and lung cancer, prostate cancer, and mesothelioma.

In comparison with traditional agriculture, The “Organic E.V.E.” System has numerous advantages: 

Because the “Organic E.V.E.” System is a continuous cycle in an enclosed space, it reduces the Agricultural labor into a series of mechanical routine operational tasks which are carried out daily and through out the year. 

This enables workers to acquire the skills that they need in a relatively short period of time. In traditional agriculture, commercial production requires skilled workers qualified by many years of training and experience. All equipment for The “Organic E.V.E.” System is kept within the bio-shelter facility itself. Climate controls within The “Organic E.V.E.” System ensure optimal growth, which in turn, assures high yield of good quality.

The “Organic E.V.E.” System has limited water consumption. In a time of high costs of running water and maintaining a suitable/healthy/uncontaminated water supply, The “Organic E.V.E.” System, because it is an enclosed system, has essentially no water loss: it recycles the water that it does not use and puts it back into the system. This will not only preserve water, but will also preserve the nutrients and/or the inoculants that may be in the “first-pass” water, so that they may be reused. This water-saving advantage will help to lower the production costs significantly. 

Success of The “Organic E.V.E.” System is independent of the land and/or soil quality; it is an enclosed system and anything outside the system has absolutely no bearing on the internal environment. Once again, this is imperative for areas in parts of the world that have been hit by droughts or soil-based diseases, African and South American countries, or zones that have suffered through unseasonably warm or cold temperatures.

The “Organic E.V.E.” System provides an intensive quality food production on a limited land surface area. The 3-dimensional growing system has the highest output per square foot of land per year of any system in the USA and Europe.

Our goals are:

a. Annual crop yields of at least thirty times that of normal agriculture and six times that of a normal greenhouse.

b. Tomatoes of quality and taste, equivalent to or above normal organic agriculture.

c. Produce which contains the maximum amount of organic nutrients and no chemical fertilizer residues nor any soil contamination.

d. Crops all year round. There are no growing seasons at The Health Factory Farm, Inc.

e. Substantial annual operating profits.

Value Creation

It is our goal to ensure healthy, steady returns through a favorable opportunity for our investors. 

Repeatable business model with synergistically related elements (increasing the number of farms) 

Removes the guesswork and risk in organic farming, financial forecasts predictable with a quick break-even point and consistent, stable profitability. 

Provide value to all users (humans and life forms benefit with an ecological cost reduction)

Costs of conventional farming are too great to be externalized. These costs are non-existent in our production methods. 

Food Safety and Food Security.

Future Products

Variety and Customization – Unique, exotic varieties grown exclusively for our clients will be offered. Ultimately, the market is so big that it is unlike for any one group to be completely in control. While we want to play a large role in food safety and security, the ultimate solution will be to grow production and to add new revenue streams for our produts and by-products. (Ex: Sun Dried Tomatoes).

The hydroponic industry is still fairly new worldwide, in terms of research and the number of completely developed farms certified internationally as organic. The retail store consumer of tomatoes “may be the most flexible” (Cook and Calvin, 2005), and sensitive to price, while the farmer’s market consumer is more demanding of quality, with less price sensitivity. Buyers for retail stores are likely less flexible than most consumers, and buyers for foodservice firms generally demand the highest quality tomatoes possible with low price (Cook and Calvin, 2005). The goal is to offer a premium product with the best value to the consumer in order to brand the product and create a loyalty link with the consumer. Interest in nutrition, health and the environment are central motives to consumers’ desires to purchase organic (Whole Foods Market, 2004; Hartman, 2002).

Three-fourths of U.S. consumers purchase organic products according to The Hartman Group’s “Beyond Organic and Natural 2010” report” (OTA 2010). Increasing demand for organic food by consumers is a major trend today. They display varying levels of dedication depending on their beliefs, access to organic food, and ability to pay a premium price. We can be the motivators of this trend, educating more customers with the preventive aspects of a good well balanced quality nutrition, and our Magazine “Nutricula” is the perfect vehicle for us to do that.

Our goal is to build indoor farms.



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