Published On: Sat, Aug 10th, 2013

Medical Marijuana…The “Good” Weed

marijuanaThe “Good” Weed

(It’s time to legalize it already!)


A Commentary by Bob Berger, MS, MVSc, PhD

The time has definitely come to legalize Marijuana (MJ), in every state in the U.S. It is a fact that the thought processes of most U.S. citizens concerning the use and legalization of MJ has changed considerably, and has been steadily changing [about this] over the last 3 decades, as more and more published scientific research has proven how truly beneficial MJ is for medicinal use…and how truly ridiculous it has been to challenge otherwise!

When I was growing up in Los Angeles, California was considered “the MJ state of the nation”, and MJ, sarcastically referred to as “weed”, “dope”, “pot”, “grass”, and even “hay”, was never taken seriously as a potential medicinal that could be beneficialso much more so than the majority of dangerous, lethal narcotics that are legally prescribed and kill people on a daily basis. MJ was usually associated with “Cheech and Chong”, “Easy Rider”, stuff that only beatniks and “hippies” smoked to get high and escape from reality, and smoking it made people lazy, dumb, and brain-dead!

Now it appears that the truly lazy, dumb, and brain-dead people are those who are unwilling to change their “medieval” thinking and opinions, such as the greedy lawmakers, and the nearsighted “throwbacks” who refuse to accept the facts about this amazing plant. MJ should no longer be referred to as the “bad weed” any moreinstead, more like the “good weed”.

When Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the world-famous neurosurgeon and CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent/Spokesperson, did a 180-degree turnaround on his professional view/opinion concerning medical MJ, this was probably the strongest push that MJ advocates needed to convince the naysayers that the acceptance and use of medical MJ needs to be seriously considered as a legitimate “drug” of choice…if you want to label it a “drug”. In reality, it’s actually a joke that cannabis is labeled a Schedule I drug, especially when Heroin (also a Schedule I), and Schedule II narcotics such as OxyContin® and Percocet® are all dangerous and highly addictive…MJ is neither of these! As a trained pharmacologist in both human as well as veterinary pharmacology, I have to really wonder what the folks who created these laws back when (i.e., the “Lawmakers”), were smoking themselves. So thus, there were these people, of course, along with the greedy, graft-takers who were in bed with the profiteers of the drug industry!

It’s time for MJ to be used discriminately, no doubt, with Rx, etc., etc., etc., but we need to stop wasting the taxpayers money busting folks who are caught with a joint in their back pocket. We need to stop this silliness and go after the real criminalsthe ones who are murdering our innocent men, women and children…yes, those criminals. Leave the old guy who is dying with M.S. or the woman suffering from Stage 4 breast cancer alonelet them live what little time they have on this earth in peace, tranquility, and without agony. But no, the laws in many states still say that they are only allowed to stop their pain and suffering by using painkillers and appetite stimulators that someone makes a huge profit on and which will kill them eventually anyway. Do we have our priorities screwed-up or what?!

To the states that are still contemplating the vote on whether to legalize medical MJ or not; get with the program and stop wasting everyone’s time, pain, money, and healthface it, MJ will be legalized in every state in the U.S. one day or another anywayunless of course, succession is on some lawmaker’s agenda as well.

We all know that MJ increases appetite and makes one feel good…this is so important for folks who are suffering from many of the horrible, chronic and/or terminal diseases. I previously wrote about this in an article titled; Medical Marijuana.

What is truly important here is that, when MJ is prescribed and used medicinally, because it makes one feel good, (or better in most cases), and helps someone to be somewhat free from pain, the endorphins that are released from the brain can now be used for both physical and mental healing, instead of just to fight the pain and stress of an illness or disease. Anything that elevates mood and heightens euphoria, (by simply relieving the pain alone), naturally, and without the side-effects of the dangerous pain-relievers and narcotics, also strengthens the immune system. So basically, whereas the pre-mentioned narcotics lower immunity, medicinal MJ actually has the potential to strengthen itand anything that strengthens immunity fortifies the overall health of an individual, especially one who is health-compromised.

These are the facts…take them or leave them…but always go with the facts.




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