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Juicing, Organic Farming and the Reduction of Cancer…Part 1

juicingJuicing, Organic Farming

and the Reduction of CancerPart 1

by Dr. Bob Berger, MS, MVSc., PhD

There is considerable attention being drawn to 3 topics as of recent years…Juicing(of fruits and vegetables), Organic Farming, and Cancer…and all 3 are being shown to be innately related.

One of the biggest problems with going to a grocery store and buying fruits and vegetables is knowing what we are really buying. It’s not that we can’t recognize the fruit or vegetable, but the question is (and should be), what else is present (or is notpresent), that are we going to ingest when we consume these foods?

The “haphazard” processing of fruits and vegetables in mass quantities, (where the “thought” of quality now takes a poor second to the importance of quantity), makes way for mass reductions in vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, which our bodies require for our overall health. These fruits and vegetables are not only being stripped of their life-giving nutrients through over-processing and poor handling techniques , but more times than not, are harvested in soil that has also been stripped of nutrients due to overproduction on the land itself.

Sowe are really not getting what we are paying dearly forneither money- nor health-wise!

Then there is the concern of pesticides and contaminants in these foods. These “toxins” are poisons and act on our bodies as enzyme-inhibitors, protein-denaturants, and xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are substances (foreign estrogens), that fool our bodies and sit on/bind to/over-stimulate estrogen receptors, and many times block out or displace our natural estrogens that are required for our bodies and brains to function properly and normally. These xenoestrogens mimic the actions of estrogen, and by doing so, can overload the receptors by displacement and signaling estrogen-driven cells to do things that can be extremely harmful; such as signaling breast cells to rapidly divide, multiply, and mutate, which can cause these cells to become cancerousThese actions areespecially harmful to woman who are prone to neoplasm growth and/or have family histories of breast, cervical, or uterine cancerall of this is very bad!

What we really want to obtain from these fruits and vegetables are their phytoestrogens; those substances that support our health and act as “good” estrogens.

The only way to properly insure that we can avoid taking these toxins, poisons, pesticides, xenoestrogens, etc. into our bodies, while concurrently getting the beneficial phytoestrogens from these foods, is to obtain them from not just organically grown sources,but from sources that are enclosed and protected from the outside, “toxic-laden” environment.

Take, for example, an apple or tomato from a store which sells traditionally grown and harvested fruits and vegetables. These are not pesticide-free and are usually embedded with many environmental contaminants. The action that many folks perform when they get home is to wash them off with soap and water, assuming that they will now be contaminant-free; this is totally wrong!

These contaminants are virtually impossible to wash off completely as many are “organo-pesticides” that are water-insoluble. Organophosphate-based pesticides may be partially removed or somewhat diluted by these actions, but there will most certainly, in the majority of cases, always be “residue” of the pesticide present.

Now, what about the pesticide toxins that have “seeped” through the outer skin of the apple or tomato? Do these folks who sell these foods actually expect us to believe that organophosphate-based chemicals (which are fat and wax soluble), don’t absorb beyond the skin of the fruit or vegetable, and don’t go into the meat of the product itself? Wellthey certainly do!!!!

So between the “residue” that is left on the fruits and vegetables and the seepage of pesticides through their skins, over time, it appears that we are being cumulatively poisoned by foods we once considered healthy and good for us.

But, there are answers to solving these problems, and they will be discussed in latter parts (2-4) of this article. What we want to do in Part 1 of this article is to establish that there are major health issues with our commercial foods, many of them that we don’t even realize how bad these issues truly are. For further reading, see references 1-3.

Back to the quality of the vital nutrients in these fruits and vegetables; if getting “adequate and therapeutic” amounts of them are substantial enough to protect us, than these nutrients, in the proper concentrations, just in and of itself, should allow for the proper detoxification by supporting the liver, the arterial and lymphatic systems, cardiac function, etc., in order to help get these pesticides, poisons, etc., safely and efficiently out of our bodies.

We know that diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables have been associated with a reduced risk of chronic diseases(4). The problem is; the fruits and vegetables we are eating today do not supply anywhere near the “adequate and therapeutic” amounts of the nutrients we require for optimal health. We are thus facing a double-edged sword”.

Although the more good fruits and vegetables which contain vital vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytoestrogens, when consumed, will aid our liver, adrenals, skin, kidneys, etc., to detoxify our bodies, and our heart, lungs, and other vital organs to function better, if they are still loaded with contaminants, then all the good that we “think” we are doing is negated. What we are doing is essentially re-contaminating ourselves, and we may be increasing our risk for acute as well as chronic diseases, such as cancer.

Dr. Bob Berger

Dr. Bob Berger

The solution to the above problem, although simple to solve on paper, is not that easy to implement in practice. It appears obvious that by growing and harvesting fruits and vegetables that are organically grown, protected, and pesticide-free should solve this problem. Once againnot so much!

Let’s say you buy your produce at a farm that claims that all produce that is harvested and sold is 100% “organically grown”. This may be true, but let’s say this organic farm is located near another farm, a traditional one, which utilizes fertilizers and pesticides on a regular basis? If the organic farm is “downstream” from or geographically lower than the traditional farm, when it rains, or even when normal geographical seepage occurs, some of the run-off from the traditional farm will always end up in the soil of the organic farm. So now the question remains, if one can still call the organic farm “land” truly organic; after-all, once contamination has occurred on the organic farm, it seeps into the soil and ends up in the crops.

One of the systems that is truly equipped to circumvent ground and soil contamination is one which is enclosed, where crops never touch the soil, and one which goes far beyond what a typical hydroponic/aeroponic system normally has to offer. It is called the EVE system. To learn about this system, go to (our site), and click on organic-E.V.E. (at the top of the landing page), or go to (More about EVE will be discussed in Parts 2-4 of this article.)

Once again, let’s assume the best. Let us say that we have a plethora of fruits and vegetables that have been grown and harvested using the EVE system (or one that is somewhat comparable to it), and thus, it is a system free of pesticides and environmental toxins. From these types of harvests, we can get a concentrated mixture or a puree of ingredients, (lycopenes from tomatoes (5), Sulforaphane from broccoli, etc.), which, especially in concentrated forms, are powerful anti-cancer compounds. So here we have both produce and concentrates that are 100% pesticide-and toxin-free. Currentresearch indicates that quality fruit/vegetable concentrates significantly increase serum levels of antioxidants, vitamins and provitamins, folates, and substances that reduce homocysteine in the body and reduction of the elements which cause oxidative stress (4).

It is recognized that juicing on a regular basis (i.e., the consumption of fruit and vegetable puree-based drinks), increases blood vessel dilation as well as plasma oxidative stability and improves oxidative status (6). This allows for more oxygen to get into the tissues and aids to stabilize cells and cellular membranes. These are positive factors for reducing cancer risk, as low tissue-oxygen and cell destabilization support malignancy and increase the risk of neoplasm growth. In addition, both chronic and acute juicing with fruit-and vegetable-puree-based drinks not only increase vasodilation and lower the risks for CVD (cardiovascular disease), but also positively affect cellular response as a result of eNOS G298T (Nitric oxide synthase) polymorphism (7). Anything that increases vasodilation and the ability to increase oxygen to cells and tissues, whether genetic or induced, is a powerful anticancer factor. In part 2, we will specifically focus on organic harvesting, juicing, and breast and prostate cancer. …to be continued


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