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Healthy Food Choices For Disease Prevention, Management and Cure

Happy DogDid you know you can help your pet companion fight most illness and disease starting today at its next meal?

The right diet can be a powerful weapon for a dog and/or cat with kidney stone/crystals, seizures, diabetes, digestive issues, allergies or cancer. Feeding your pet food that is created for their unique dietary and nutritional needs accomplishes three things:

1.  Fights Disease. It’s probably what you want the most – for the illness or disease to just go away. While no food is that kind of “miracle cure,” there are nutritional components to helping your pet’s body fight and win the battle. Often, medicine is designed to treat symptoms not cure the root problem.

2.  Supports Immune Response. The body has a natural defense system for all disease, called the immune system. Unfortunately, many dogs and cats with diseases have a suppressed immune system, which means disease can readily take over the body. A proper individually designed formulation can help rid the body of the toxins, boost the immune system, repair cellular growth and help the body’s natural defenses repair themselves.

3.  Preventative Health Care. Science has proven through 40 years of Bio-nutritional Blood Test results that no two breeds have the same requirement for any one nutrient. If you have any hope in making sure your pet companion’s diet is meet it’s nutritional requirements you must first find out what their needs are, design a diet to meet them, determine what ingredient will provide each nutrient, measure how much of that ingredient is needed, how can each ingredient be prepared to be in it’s most bio-available form, how any type of processing will affect the over all formulation and who is best to assure the formulations are consistently prepared correctly and delivered to your pets bowl.

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what to feed your pet and when it come to a pet that is sick it is very hard to navigate through the marketing ploys and misinformation. In order to clear up any misconceptions, a professional veterinary nutritional service should provide you with:

1.  A complete consultation, review any and all blood tests prior to giving any recommendations.
2.  Answer why most processed dog food should not be fed to a pet that is sick and or has a disease.
3.  Tell you how to switch your pet to a whole food diet created for them and their unique nutritional needs. – and why it’s so important to transition slowly.
4.  Teach you how nutrition can help your pet’s body do what nature intended it to do.
5.  Give you the instructions to properly prepare a meal for your pet – step by step – so that each meal gives the body optimal benefit to fight disease and boost the immune system or where to order food from a professional commercial kitchen and have it delivered to your home.

Modern pet owners are seeking natural diets to help them treat pre-existing conditions which they want to cure or manage. Conditions like kidney stones, urinary crystals, diabetes, seizures, allergies, digestive issues and cancer are some of the reasons that many people turn to Veterinary Prescription Nutrition diets for their pets. Nutraceutical therapy has been successful used since the 1960’s and is more in demand now than ever before.

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Measurable Results You Can Trust
Switching your pet over to a non-processed whole food diet created to meet your pets unique nutritional needs is recommended for long-term health and nutrition. With the help of your vets blood tests you and your vet can chart the results of your program and make any needed adjustments. The greatest pet health success stories I have witnessed have occurred after the animal has been on their VPN diet for as little as 8 to 10 weeks.

It’s true that there are so many great benefits to be seen within the first 6 to 8 weeks of switching a dog or cat to the whole food diet – such as a noticeable difference mental clarity, clear eyes, less odor, better skin and vibrant coat color, an increase in activity level due to better nutrition and even a much appreciated reduction in stool volume and odor – but for more serious problems, like autoimmune disease, digestive problems, allergies, and organ failure, it will take more time for those symptoms to clear up and take a more defined diet plan.

Pet Parent error can also greatly impact the success of any nutraceutical therapy protocol or nutritional health care plan. Mistaking that all Raw or Whole food formulations are equal, all dog or cats have the same nutritional requirements, adding additional un-needed supplements, not following the diet plan as written, and an inconsistent dietary routine can all affect the success or failure of helping your pet become healthier. Therefore, it is important to get a personalized feeding plan done by an experience Veterinary Nutritionist, to make sure to follow the directions and to allow the plan the time needed for your pet to get back on the right track.

It is a myth that it cost hundreds of dollars for a simple bio-nutritional blood test, custom made food or a consultation with a qualified nutritionist. This type of misinformation is often spread by people who do not know prices and technology have changed and/or may be trying to manipulate you. If you need help in finding a holistic vet, veterinary nutritionist or private pet food kitchen in your area, contact me for more information.

by J.Daryll Chester – Creative Director, Pet Nutrition Systems



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