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Do you have burning in the stomach, IBS, ulcerative colitis or an ulcer?

IBSstomachpicDo you have burning in the stomach, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), ulcerative colitis or an ulcer?  You are not alone.  Why in the greatest country in the world do so many of us have digestive issues?  Could it be the American Lifestyle?  Yes, it could.

Perhaps breakfast for you and the kids is some nice pastry that you put in the toaster and eat on the way to drop the kids off at school. You go to work, either at home or the office, and maybe eat a sandwich or a fast-food salad made of iceberg lettuce with a slice of a limp pale tomato at your desk while answering emails or getting out a report that was due last week. You have to hurry to finish it before you pick the kids up from school and drive them to soccer practice….You may stop on the way for a quick taco. Then you and the kids stop for a pizza after practice…. At home, you help the kids with homework, make popcorn and watch some TV.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you are on the fast track to some serious health conditions and you need to figure out a way to slow down and eat healthier.  You know, you don’t have to be everything to everyone; if you feel that you do, you are probably short changing your own health.

How can you slow your pace and find time for healthy eating?  Do the kids have to be in every activity? Is there someone else to share some of the responsibility of getting them there? You say, ‘Easier said than done.’ That’s true, but consider the alternatives. If you get sick, you may not be able to work; you could end up in your bed or the hospital bed – take your pick.

It’s time for some serious help. Slow down your pace. Start eating fresh and healthy meals.  Turn off the television – especially the news!

There are two products to investigate that may make a huge difference in your health and in your life: Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics, and a wonderful product called Stomacin-U.


Dr. Ohhira’s  has twelve (12) different and very effective strains of probiotics, and two of the strains help with digestive issues in particular.

The first one is Bifidobacterium infantis. This friendly bacteria may help with your gut lining for inflammatory bowel conditions such as IBS, may help reduce inflammation in the gut, and with IBS symptoms.  It has been compared to the effects of some well-known drugs without the side effects. Bifidobacterium infantis is an important good bacterium for babies too. Always consult a physician before giving any supplements to an infant.
Another bacterium in Dr. Ohhira’s is L. bulgaricus that grows when it’s needed and stops growing when not needed. It lives in your gastrointestinal tract, helping to neutralize toxins and kills harmful bacteria. These two bacterium along with the ten (10) other powerful yet gentle strains help to make Dr. Ohhira’s the “go-to” probiotic for any digestive issue.

Stomacin-U contains vitamin U*, a vitamin found in cabbage and a few other vegetables. When I was young, my grandmother gave us fermented foods and pounded cabbage when we had a stomach ache. She said a little cabbage was one of the best stomach ache relievers around. She would even pulverize the cabbage to make a juice to place on certain kinds of sores. I later found out those sores were ulcerations. My grandmother was right again!

Digestive diseases are plaguing more people every year, and in the U.S. alone, it is a growing epidemic affecting over one-third of the population.

According to the Centers for Disease Control , 80 million people suffer from heartburn, ulcers, acid reflux, and gastrointestinal problems.  The protective mucin lining that coats the entire digestive system becomes less protective when these GI compromises occur and as we age. This allows gastric acid to damage the lining of the gut and penetrate into the body.

In order to solve this problem, both prescription and OTC medications were developed in order to block the production of acid and ease the pain.  But without sufficient acid production, the body is unable to break down food and digest it properly. When this happens, many important nutrients are not absorbed.  The deprivation of these life-sustaining nutrients causes malnutrition, immune deficiency, brittle bones, skin eruptions, vascular problems, and irregularities of the heart, liver, kidneys, and other vital tissues and organs.

In order to overcome the devastating and cumulative effects of these GI disorders without having to sacrifice our overall health and the immune  compromises which are inherent when utilizing many prescription and  OTC medications, researchers have developed a safer, more effective way to heal the digestive system.  By repairing the mucin lining, the acid level returns to its healthy balance. Once the mucin lining is restored, the body no longer feels discomfort, and does so  without interfering with the absorption of essential nutrients.

Stomacin-U, a natural supplement made from a concentrated extract of raw cabbage, stimulates the production of mucin and provides the body with the tools it needs to repair itself…a “coating” relief.  As a result, people with these GI compromises will experience relief from digestive disorders without creating additional health risks.


 The strengthening of  immunity, (as 70-90% of our immune system resides in the gut), the combination of replacing and/or  maintaining  beneficial/supportive bacteria which will help to protect the  body against harmful invaders, and the protective mucin which lines and protects the entire GI-tract and allows for a healthy and proper pH-environment, should make way for a significant positive difference in one’s health and longevity. 


*Vitamin-U is listed in the Merck Index as methylmethioninesulfonium chloride, a therapeutic agent for the treatment of gastric disorders.  It was originally called Vitamin-U  because of its usefulness against ulceration of the digestive system.

by Gayle Pruitt, CN and Bob Berger, MS, MVSc, PhD.

About Dr. Berger:

Dr. Berger holds doctorates in Biochemistry, (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN.), and in Bio-Pharmacology, (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.), a Master of Veterinary Science and a Master degree in Nutrition Science and Physiology, with a concentration in Biomedical Engineering, (University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN. and University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC).



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