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Catastrophic Methylation Collapse

metholationpic-rossstewartmdBy: Ross M. Stewart, PhD

Very few people have even heard of methylation and even fewer people now how important methylation is to human life. In a very few minutes you will know more about this vital process than your MD and you will appreciate how important it is to you and to those you care about. In America today, we are experiencing catastrophic methylation collapse.  Medical evidence has revealed to us that illnesses that are epidemic today were all but unheard of in the year 1900.  Heart disease and cancer are prime examples.

“So what is it already?”  Methylation is one of your body’s most important and most common chemical processes.  Something called the “Methyl Cycle” is a major part of the biochemistry of sulfur and methyl (CH3) groups in the body.  Methyl groups use the electrical charge available from sulfur to attach themselves to a variety of toxins and other harmful chemicals so they can be neutralized and eliminated. Following is a partial list of the illnesses that result at least partially from methylation collapse:

Addictive Behavior, including alcoholism Chronic Viral Infections Low T cells or reduced NK cells
Allergies or Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Dementia/Alzheimer’s Miscarriages, fertility, and problems in pregnancy
Anxiety Depression/Mood disorders Multiple Sclerosis and other Autoimmune Disorders
ADHD Diabetes Neuropathy
Autism and other spectrum disorders Digestive problems Parkinson’s
Atherosclerosis Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Premature Aging
Bipolar or manic depression Hashimoto’s or Hypothyroidism Sensitivity to medications
CancerCardiovascular disease Insomnia Suppress immune system

As you can clearly see, this list covers the majority health issues we face today.  This has all happened in the last one hundred and ten years. So, what has led us to this terrible place?  We actually have some credible answers.  Much of our understanding comes from the brilliant, breakthrough work of Marty Hinz, MD of NeuroResearch, Inc.  As an industrial chemist before graduating from medical school, he had a deep understanding of chemical processes and could appreciate the function of methylation and the chemical reactions surrounding it.

Now we have some answers as to how this collapse has happened to us. This is complicated and I will attempt to break this down into understandable chunks.  The story starts in your liver.  Among many functions, the liver is a filter that takes debris, toxins, and chemicals out of the blood.  It does this with glutathione. This is the primary detoxification pathway of your body. (There is a secondary one as well.) In your liver, this process converts insoluble or fat-soluble toxins into water soluble toxins.  Now your body is able to recognize them as toxins and the genius (your body) is able to eliminate them either through liver bile (your intestines), and through urine.

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Now comes the most important understanding.  Methylation is sulfur driven because it yields electrons to charge the whole process. Glutathione requires sulfur.  In the past (before 1900) there was so little pollution and poisons in the environment that remarkably small amounts glutathione were required to detoxify the blood and therefore the body.  Fast forward to today. Everywhere in America is polluted and our detoxification pathways are more than over loaded. The requirement for sulfur is so high that we cannot eat enough broccoli, cauliflower, kale, onions, leeks, and garlic to give us the sulfur required to support methylation and detoxification.

We have a relative nutritional deficiency.  We need sulfur for detox and we cannot get enough from our food.  By the way, has our food become nutritionally compromised?  Do I really need to answer that?

I was recently having dinner with a well-known and respected neurologist who is also a hunter.  He has something called a deer lease.  He can harvest as many deer as he wishes from his lease.  He usually takes four a year.  He butchers them himself and here is his report.  “My lease is about four hours outside of the metropolitan area and is truly rural.  All of the deer I have harvested have degenerative damage caused by methylation collapse.  What chance do we who live in a city have to prevent illness when wild animals in the country are so sick?

Here is what we face. Without sufficient sulfur, we cannot detoxify.  Cancer and so much more is a result. We cannot build enough neurotransmitters to allow the information superhighway (our brain and nervous system) to function at its best.  Depression, insomnia, ADHD, rage, Parkinson’s, and panic attacks are the direct result.  Genetic replication is compromised, and we have cancer and numerous birth defects.  Autism is another problem that springs from methylation collapse.  Mitochondria produce energy inside each cell in your body.  YES, this process is methylation dependent, and the result is fatigue.  The list goes on and on.  By now you have an understanding of this process and its importance to your health and emotional wellbeing.

Now, the biggest question of all, what can I do about this?  I cannot eat four pounds of broccoli, cauliflower, kale, onions, leeks, and garlic every day.  Even if I did, it seems that would not be enough.  Dr. Hinz’s research has clearly given us the amount of sulfur required by all adults living in polluted America (as well as all other polluted countries such as China).  That amount is a shockingly high number of 4.5 grams of sulfur each and every day.

Nature has shown us that real food is a great balancing act.  Our bodies require that the nutrients we take into us adhere to balance.  Here is the requirement for sulfur.  A great way to get sulfur (affordable) is the amino acid cysteine.  This comes in several forms.  It must be joined with another amino acid, 5HTP.  The story does not stop there. Tyrosine is also required.  If any one of these is excluded, the methylation system partially shuts down with all of the terrible consequences we saw above.

What to do is take all three of these amino acids as supplements under the supervision of a health care provider who understands the methylation process and the use of amino acids.  We, as a people are already in a hole that was dug for us by industrialization.  We are not going to get out with “good food” alone.  My professional opinion is that we ALL have to do this.  If you live in an industrialized country and want to regain your health and preserve your life, you have no choice.  If you take no other supplements, takes these!  Many require a specific amount of these amino acids to get maximum symptom relief and everyone needs at least some. Medical science has delivered! We really can be healthy again.  Do strive to eat all of the vegetables listed above; they are part of the solution.

Ross M. Stewart, PhD

Brain and Body Wellness Center, Dallas, Texas




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