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Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2012

5 Ways to Squash Lethargic Tendencies in the New Year

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-by Dan Petraglia of Fitness and Weight Loss Central

With the arrival of any new year we all want to find new ways to better ourselves. We use the New Year as a starting point or marker in time for us to turn over a new leaf. Many times we lack certain specificity for the direction of the area we are trying to improve upon.

Look at yourself and then look at the rest of the people in the society you currently live in for a moment. Now don’t compare yourself directly to other individuals, but try to see how and where you fit in. The more we interact with others around us, the more we get to know about their proficiencies and flaws. It’s good when you get some outside insight into a flaw that you may share with another person.

But if we are going to live long, prosperous, healthy, and fulfilling lives, we need to look past specific flaws that we have in order to get to the root of the problem. 

Lifestyle changes sound like they are hard to fully achieve the more we read about them, but the truth is, they can be very easily achieved with a little overdue diligence. 

A single flaw may spawn another over time. 

I believe a lifestyle that has adopted many lethargic tendencies can have an overwhelmingly negative effect on anyone. 

Let’s explore 5 ways to completely squash,  maybe some of your very own old, lazy habits, regardless of what they are and how they affect you.

Identify Procrastination…

It’s sometimes hard to admit that you are procrastinating with something.

 Because you sometimes don’t want to admit it to yourself, (that you are procrastinating), you not only ignore whatever it is that you are putting off, but you ignore the fact that you are putting it off to begin with.

The first step to start procrastinating less is to identify when you are doing it, and then figuring out how to stop it.

Getting more organized in your life is a good way to start counteracting procrastinating tendencies. 

When you have paper and electronic notes and reminders constantly right there in front of you, it will almost bother you to the point where you’ll just force yourself to get whatever it was out of the way so you can wipe the “to do list” clean. There will be more on this later though. 

You’ll never live a functional life if you are constantly procrastinating with things. We want our lives to move steadily and to have a nice pace and flow to them.  Thus, when you put chores and projects off to the last minute, this disrupts the balance, and will only frustrate and stress you out even more. 

If  you have a deadline for something that is important, make a note of it that’s always in plain sight and is easily accessible; this way you won’t forget about it.  

Exercise…or in some cases…Exercise More!

Living a healthy and active lifestyle is so important that I don’t have enough words in my vernacular to express this. There’s always a new study being done somewhere on exercise and how it can prevent certain diseases or decrease the chances of developing a chronic physical issue.

Why do you think that is?  Well…because it holds the real truth! 

People who are constantly active almost always have less physical issues to worry about. Yes, genetics do play a role in what the future holds for us and how our bodies will age, but even with strong physical genetics, it’s still a good idea to be as active as you can be.

Incorporating exercise into our day to day working lives can be more challenging for those with heavier workloads…Just do what you can.

A job that keeps you moving and constantly on the “go” is actually better than one that is stationary, I say.  So don’t look at this as a nuisance if this is your case, because it’s actually a good thing regardless of your emotional investment. 

When you really think about it, exercise promotes so many other things that are healthy;  You’ll sleep better, you’ll eat better, your brain function  improves, and your mood will be more balanced from having a constant release of endorphins and adrenaline.

This cycle or “chain reaction” caused by regular exercise will really boost your regular daily health, which of course, can translate overtime into long- term healthiness.

Change Your Eating Patterns… 

Your diet is important.

It can have many effects on you that most are not aware of today. 

Did you ever hear the old saying;  “you are what you eat”? Well it’s actually pretty true in the non-literal sense. 

Did you know that food can have positive and negative effects on your overall mood? In Morgan Spurlock’s documentary film, “Super Size Me”, he conducted an experiment where he only ate McDonald’s food products for an entire month…Aside from the fact that he gained a disgusting amount of weight, he also explained that he felt drastic changes in his mood. He suffered from constant mood swings, unknown bouts of stress and anxiety, and of course, laziness!

So you see that a diet that contains only filler with no real nutritional value, (i.e., fast food), can greatly affect one’s overall health.  

What’s even more frightening; the longer you eat a certain a way, the better the chances are that the effects will be permanent

On the flip side, healthy eating can fight against things like lethargic behavior and even strengthen your immune system, which in turn, may prevent certain diseases. 

This is a simple, yet obvious, key for longevity, better health,  and overall wellness! 

Create Variance in Your Life…

This can be hard for many of us who work or go to school in a confined  environment, and primarily remain in this environment.

Having variance in your life will keep your mind clear, as absorbing new information from new people and places is usually a refreshing thing for most folks. 

Human beings [by nature] prefer small social circles and familiarity.

So how does this prove worth? 

I believe it does so by creating variances in one’s daily living patterns, which  influences productivity as well as a progressive nature. 

The more new things you experience, the more in tune you are with what interests you, and what you’d prefer to avoid for future reference.

What this means is that you learn much better about who you are by having these peaks and valleys of fresh experiences…and by doing this more, you get a clearer and more focused perspective on things which can translate to a more proactive lifestyle. 

Develop  Structure and Organization in Your Life

Having order is the absolute best way to get away from old, sloppy habits

Ridding ourselves of old, lethargic tendencies and structuring a new organizational plan, is the most effective way of creating a new productive and proactive life. 

Mapping out your schedule on paper, or on a screen somewhere that can be easily found, can be a real help in structuring your day, week, or even monthly plan. 

Calendars in which to write all over, so not to forget upcoming deadlines, projects, and events, are also good. 

The more organized you become, the more focused of a person you will evolve into over a period of time.  Then, sooner or later, you won’t need calendars or notepads anymore. Before you know it, all of your previous lazy habits will eventually seem to be nothing more than distant memories.

About the AuthorDan Petraglia runs a weight loss and fitness information blog. Unique exercise, dieting, and nutrition information, products, programs, and services are provided. For more information, please visit Fitness and Weight Loss Central
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